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a virtual temple for group meditation

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hosted by

and her friend Raechelle Minney

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hello, solo meditator,


through the encouragement and support of others?

Sam has partnered with her friend and mentor,

Raechelle Minney from Financial Fitness Unleashed

to bring you THIS! 

Meditation is like exercise. Start, Practice, & Show Up Consistently for BEST RESULTS.

After an amazing channeling session with Micki from OMJ. I walked away with a clear message that meditation is a non negotiable for me. I have been “meditating” for years on and off, but never fully grasping how powerful it can be as a tool to help with my anxiety and stress until I joined Sway! The first session I had a very profound experience during our guided meditation by Andre, a sound healer. After our mediation I was able to comfortably share my experience and be completely vulnerable with no judgement. Just a space to feel and be supported. Each time our group meets I find myself transforming and making new discoveries I didn’t think possible for myself. It’s a process and it does take work and community to build accountability while gaining the right guidance and support. Sway is everything I didn’t know I needed. I get daily advice, recommendations, encouragement and love! I am able to share my ideas and have them met with grace and passion! Sam and Raechelle have truly created such an incredible space to learn and grow with my meditation practice. I am very grateful and can’t wait to see where this journey brings us! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



- Steph M

we've simplified meditation:

We meet every other week

for one hour

Each Gathering Includes:

15 minute group meditation with our expert meditation facilitator Katie J.

All sessions are recorded for re-listening.

45 minute check in and discussion

We give you the floor to share your experience and learn from others.

+ Bonus: Ongoing Group Chat on WhatsApp to keep us motivated



Through individual practice and conversation,
we have found the gold within meditation.
We are now ready for you to participate with us.

Micki captured this heartwarming footage of Sam and Raechelle meeting for the first time after years of chatting online.

story time:

How did Sam & Raechelle

On Sam's personal manifestation journey, she met Raechelle Minney -- financial coach and founder of Her Money Club

"We quickly became fast friends inside an online community for women in business and have since supported each other with our own spiritual growth." 

We have been meeting weekly to offer each other support for over the past two years now! Throughout our relationship, we have shared our experiences with meditation. We've learned that mediation looks different for everyone, that there is no one way to practice, and that incredible discoveries can be made when we share our experiences with each other.  

We've simplified meditation.

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