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The Alignment Method

A Nervous System Regulation Technique

The Alignment Method offers a systematic approach to managing your vibration, so you can become a vibrational match to what you desire most. 

With over ten years of personal development study - which includes a Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology with Honours - I have developed a practical technique - called The Alignment Method - which provides a systematical approach to managing your nervous system/emotions/vibration. It all starts with your vibration.

Everything is energy. Everything. And when we understand this at a fundamental level we can drastically alter our current reality.  When we change our vibration to a more desirable frequency, we can design the lives we truly want to live.  If you are looking to up-level your career, improve your relationships, make more money, improve your health - it all starts with your nervous system. In order for your reality to change, you must change your vibration, learn how to neutralize success, and make up-leveling feel safe. 

Using scientifically based principles, The Alignment Method gives us a systematic approach to help you manage our emotions/vibration. By activating our parasympathetic nervous system in real time, as it relates to the things we want most, we enter the space of new possibilities and opportunities.  We experience changes in behaviour, new outcomes, and an entirely different lived experience. This technique is meant to be administered by you, meaning once I teach you the skill, you'll always have it in your back pocket to use when you need it.  

I prefer to work one-on-one with you to help you navigate the technique with your energetic system. We can also set some time aside over the following weeks to practice The Alignment Method with your unique circumstances together.

Inquire to receive The Alignment Method - one-on-one

The Alignment Method Includes: 

- one-on-one teaching with me (1 hour)

- up to two follow-up calls to help you integrate the practice into your life (2 hours)

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