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Receive A


At first,
it started as
a simple involuntary bodily sway.
It evolved into vibrations, shaking, slow movements and drawing circles. 


Micki can channel messages from SOURCE.

I have been experiencing some major shifts in my life recently, ultimately leading me to a fork in the road. Although deep down I did know which path my soul longed to take, I felt scared and unable to take a step forward. I had the privilege of receiving a channeled message from Mickayla, which supported me and spoke deeply and directly to the challenges I was facing. The message not only offered me the clarity I was seeking, but also the support to follow my heart with actions true to my own journey. I couldn't be more grateful for the channeling I received from Mickayla and I take comfort in knowing where to reach out for this guidance and support in my future.


- Emily P


Micki can tell you.

Well, truthfully, you can actually ask them yourself, but sometimes we all need help hearing what they have to say.  Her messages have been life-changing.  

"My job is to allow. I focus on the soul of the person who needs to hear the message, I ask Source to start with one word, and the rest just flows.  Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it takes me more time, but one thing is for is always what that person needs to hear in that moment.  It's actually magic, and I am honoured to do it."


Micki is on a different level. She’s a soul sister, through and through. She leads with her heart, with intuition, and I am so lucky to have been a recipient of her beautiful words. Time and time again, micki is able to name my deepest desires, to cut through my fear and inhibition, and to dream on my behalf. Her words help me to believe that these dreams are possible. I am endlessly grateful for the impact that mickayla has had on my life, and I know that she has so much more to give.

It truly is her calling.

- Alex M

Your Higher Self Is Calling...

...Will you answer?

My reading from mickayla felt so divinely guided. Her words resonated deeply and the message was exactly what I needed to hear. It offered comfort, validation, hope and encouragement and it gave me such solace and grace towards my outlook. I’m so grateful that she’s honed her gifts and is sharing them with the world!



- Sarah P



It's time.  
YOUR GUIDES can't wait to talk to you.

What is a Session Like?

An hour session will consist of a brief introduction so Micki can get a feel for your soul's vibration. Then, she will begin to channel/type your message.  This can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  She will channel for as long as is deemed necessary by Source.  When she is done, she will read back to you your message and discuss the resonance of your message further with you. 

What you receive: 

    - 1 hr channeling session with Micki/Source

    - 1 document with your transcribed message

    - 1 video recording of your call

$222 CAD


I was floored when I had a reading from Mickayla! I was gifted a beautiful reading by her and it was bang on for what my soul needed at that exact moment! I have had the privilege of watching her sweet journey and intuitive gifts grow over the years with fun and grace ~ mickayla is a pure soul full of heart,

If you have the opportunity to have a reading with her your mind, body and spirit will thank you. 

Thank you sweet soul for shinning your light and raising the vibration on this planet

- Bev


Contact Micki

Want to see how it all started?

We are the first to admit that this behaviour seems strange or even unbelievable. We can't explain it either. All we know is that this is all loving energy moving through Micki's body.
We aren't here to convince anyone, only to share our experience.
These are recordings of her first interactions with Source energy. 

"The entire Universe is conspiring to give you what you want."
-Abraham Hicks

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