Our Passions

"Seek joy first, and all the growth you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you" - Abraham Hicks

Samantha Pike

Samantha - the eldest sister

Unlike Micki, the road to discovering my passion was challenging. I never knew what I wanted to do until I starting asking myself "what would you rather do?" It was through this questioning that I discovered I'd rather create cozy homes and go on luxury vacations than find a mainstream career. 

Here are my passion projects 


I own an Airbnb

This was my first interior design project. I discovered a creative outlet I never knew I had, which changed the direction of my life forever.


I created the coolest community for hosts

I love to be a guest just as much as I love to be a host. That's why I created an exclusive group for hosts to connect and swap with each other for vacations. Cool eh?

Mickayla Pyke

Mickayla Pyke (that's not a typo)

*My maiden name is Pike and my married name is Pyke - that's right - I married a man with a same last name...kinda. ;)

From an early age, I always knew I was going to work behind the scenes of film production. Now, with over ten years of production experience, I have decided to go on my own to create films filled with authenticity and true inspiration.

Since having my two boys, I have developed a strong passion in the education of self-efficacy and overall health for mothers at all stages.


I would love to work with you.

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I am a Director

Through Mickayla Pyke Media, my intention is to help other healers, lightworkers, storytellers and way-showers spread their message through film.

I'd love to help show the world who you are.

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I am an advocate for Mothers

Since becoming a mother of two, I've discovered some essential resources using my platform Mind Over Matter MOM. I believe in the education and empowerment of women, (specifically new mothers) so strongly that I have become an affiliate for Love Your Labour © and USANA